BallQube UV Grandstand Football Display Black Base

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Product Description


The Original BallQube. Our crystal clear Grandstand Football Display Case with the maximum UV protection for your ball. Can also be used for boxing gloves or baseball gloves. Our UV displays are laboratory tested to block 98% of UV light.

It also features a 2 piece design. Holds a regulation sized football. Autograph Information Panel.

Made in U.S.A.


-Exterior 7 3/8 X 11 3/4 X 7 3/8 inches

- Interior 7 X 11 3/8 x 7 inches


98% UV Protection

Our UV displays are laboratory tested to block 98% of UV light.

Ultra Clear Display Case

Our case not only offers 98% UV protection but is Ultra clear!

Sturdy and Stable Stand

Our stand works perfectly for regulation size pro footballs

Why The Original Ballqube?


Back when John Graham and Ken Rogers came up with the idea for a cube-shaped, stackable display case for baseballs, they were just trying to find a way to make John’s wife happy and keep his collection of autographed baseballs from heading to the auction house.

But that soon changed when they realized that their idea met a huge, unanswered need in the sports memorabilia world. Baseballs, along with plenty of other assorted memorabilia, weren’t exactly easy to organize and display. The stackable, durable, and clear BallQube cases changed all of that.

John and Ken came up with their idea in 1983. Since then, BallQube has grown to be the premier case for baseballs and practically any other type of sports memorabilia that you can think of. It’s also spawned a host of competitors who want in on the business. Maybe you’ve seen a few of these copycats, and maybe you’ve even been tempted to buy from one of them. But before you do, maybe you should take a look at what really sets us apart from our competitors.

Made in America

BallQube is the only memorabilia case company that we know of that is, and always has been, manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. Since our start in 1983, BallQube has always been based in Texas. When Ken wanted to learn about the equipment he would need to manufacture on a large scale, he found an expert in California who walked him through the process and what he would need. The very first machines we used actually came from a Ford plant in Detroit. Think of it as recycling for American manufacturing.

The Highest Quality

And that equipment we just mentioned is one reason BallQube products are of such high quality. Today we use Van Dorn machines, a company with impeccable standards and quality – the BMW of their industry. Our track record speaks volumes, as well. Collectors trust BallQube cases because we’ve painstakingly built that trust over the years-case by case, purchase after purchase. Dedicated collectors know that the first thing they need to do after getting home from the auction is to order one of our cases.

Dedicated Employees

Owning a company is a two-way street-you have to show your employees respect and treat them well if you want them to stick around. Part of the reason our product is so great is because we have such a knowledgeable staff. That only happens when your employees have the time to build up that expert knowledge of the product. We have folks who have been with us for years, and that’s part of the reason why you can always count on a quality case from BallQube.

We Hold The Patent

And yes, we literally invented the two-piece display case. There are plenty of those copycats we mentioned earlier who are trying to copy the patent, but there’s only one BallQube.

American-made, trusted, and proven-that’s the BallQube brand.
So, sure, there are always going to be competitors that want your business, but we’ll always be the original.

About this item

  • BallQube's case fits a football with up to a 22.05" circumference and a length of 11.4".
  • NFL regulation size football is approximately 22" circumference and 11" length.
  • BallQube's UV series display cases are laboratory tested to block 98% of UV light.
  • High gloss black base elevates the ball to a striking stature.
  • Made in the USA.