CAT Outdoors Carbon Scraping Tool for .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit, CAT M4 Tool, Scraper Cleaning Tool for Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

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CAT M4 Tool

Our flagship product. The CAT M4 Tool is trusted by law enforcement, military personnel and gun enthusiasts around the world.

Ask any AR-15 owner around and they’ll tell you the hardest part to clean is the bolt and bolt carrier. A lot of shooting leads to a lot of carbon build-up in your weapon. The carbon caked on your BCG leads to weapon malfunctions, or less than optimal performance, which is why it’s important that you clean your weapon on a regular basis.

If you’re putting your life on the line, like the many Navy Seals, Army Rangers, or police officers that use our products, the last thing they want to worry about is their weapon malfunctioning.

The CAT M4 tool is a stainless steel scraping tool for AR-15’s that removes carbon build-up from the bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin flange. We designed it for rapid deployment in high stress situations to clean the most critical components of .223/5.56″ rifles.

Firstly, the bolt tail fits perfectly into the bolt scraper. Apply lateral pressure to scrape along the edges and watch as the carbon peels off. Secondly, drop the firing pin into the firing pin hole and turn in either direction to scrape carbon buildup on the flange. Next, a 1/4″ hex head offers users more torque power with bits to make adjustments to their firearm. Lastly, the patch hole can fit cleaning patches, which fold over, and slide into the bolt carrier for scraping and carbon absorption.

If you are an AR-15 owner, make cleaning a cinch. The CAT M4 Tool gets the job done right. Add it to your gun cleaning kit today.