CGE Czech Games Edition Lost Ruins of Arnak

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Uncover the wondrous mysteries of this lost island

Explore jungles, find artifacts, and discover the Lost Ruins of Arnak! Lead rival expeditions to a newly discovered island. Through a unique combination of worker placement and deckbuilding, each expedition attempts to uncover the island’s secrets.

Decks are small, and randomness is mitigated by the wealth of tactical decisions offered on the game board. With a variety of worker actions, artifacts, and equipment cards, each game is unique, encouraging players to explore bold new strategies.

  • 6 boards and 110 cards
  • 16 worker/research tokens
  • 32 site/idol tiles
  • 27 guardian/assistant tiles
  • 42 research/temple tiles
  • 91 resource tokens
  • 5 blocking tiles, 15 rival tiles, 10 fear tiles
  • 1 player marker
  • 1 moon staff
  • 1 score pad and 1 rulebook