DC Deck-Building Game Crossover pack #4: Watchmen

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  • CROSSOVER PACK FOUR: The DC Comics Deck-building Game Crossover Pack series is a way to breathe new life into your game with just a few tweaks. Grab your favorite DC set and instead of using the Super Heroes and Super-Villains from that set, use the ones from this pack instead! Crossover Packs are the perfect way for players to customize their DC Comics experience to suit their own tastes and to play with their favorite characters!
  • WILL YOU CONQUER THE MASTERMIND PLOT: This Watchmen set adds a new element to deck-building games: Hidden Roles! As in the original story, one of the members of the team has their own ideas on the best way to solve the world’s problems. The Villain must work towards his or her secret plot while not making it too obvious. “Loyal” players will strive to overcome various challenges, though the “Villain” of the story can disguise his or her intentions by helping with these challenges as well.
  • NOT A STANDALONE GAME; The included Crossover Pack requires DC DBG base game: DC Deck-building Game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, Teen Titans, Rivals, Confrontations, Rebirth, or Dark Nights: Metal.
  • KEY FEATURES: Includes SIX new Super Heroes to play and the “Hidden Role” mechanics add suspicion and “who can you trust” elements to the game! Features Hidden Role Cards, Villainous Machinations Cards, Challenge Cards, and Mastermind Plot cards with expanded content over previous Crossover packs.