Enhanced Athlete Code Red - Pure Fat Burner Supplement for Weight Loss and Fat Reduction - No Added Caffeine and Additives - Formula to Quicken Metabolism and Appetite Suppression - 120 Capsules

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It’s the Alpha2 receptors on fat calls that have the pesky property of shutting down fat burning (lipolysis). Stubborn body fat areas contain the greatest concentration of Alpha2 receptors. The only way you’re going to finally get these stubborn body fat areas lean is by inhibiting the Alpha2 adrenoceptors on them.

Code Red contains scientifically proven ingredients to inhibit the Alpha2 adrenoceptors on fat cells, increasing fat oxidation and cutting cravings. Since Code Red is a caffeine free formula, you get localized fat loss and wont experience the same side-effects associated with oral fat burners like jitters, stomach pain, chest palpitations or insomnia.