Funky Pop Star Wars Inquisitor Bobble Head

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Star Wars is now a part of the world?s mythology. It is a large fandom without a doubt. Star Wars Rebels has a large fan base among Star Wars fans. The Pop! Inquisitor Vinyl Bobble-Head from the experts at Funko is a perfect gift for those you know who are fans of Star Wars Rebels. The Grand Inquisitor is certainly a menacing servant of The Galactic Empire. He wears their uniform with pride. His double-bladed lightsaber?s crimson blades are certainly awe-inspiring and without a doubt fierce. His large yellow eyes are sinister. Perhaps he is staring down a captured rebel or Jedi? Or perhaps he is leading an assault on a rebel base? Regardless, both answers could be right as this bobble head is a tool for your imagination to explore with as it rests by your desk, on your mantelpiece, or beside your growing collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Delight yourself and the Star Wars fans in your life with this vinyl bobble head from the proven experts at Funko! Show off your fandom with pride or see your friends? eyes light up when you give them this bobble head as a gift.