Pure Protein Bars, Variety Pack, 1.76 oz, 23-count

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With 20-21 grams of complete protein, Pure Protein High Protein Bars help to satisfy hunger. Protein can naturally provide higher levels of hunger satisfaction as compared to other sources of calories such as fats or carbohydrates. A higher amount of protein in the diet, particularly from dairy-based sources such as whey and milk proteins, can help with staving off hunger. Easy to enjoy as a delicious treat anytime you’re craving something sweet without all the guilt!

As on-the-go nutritious snacks, Pure Protein High Protein Bars fit into any balanced diet to fuel an active lifestyle. The combination of fast-absorbed whey protein and slow-absorbing milk and collagen proteins in each bar helps to provide you with quick and sustained energy.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a snack before or after workout, Pure Protein High Protein Bars have the right combination of proteins to support active lifestyle. Each delicious flavor is an excellent source of high-quality protein containing a complete essential amino acid profile that includes BCAAs to support lean muscle and strength.