Taramp's Pro 2.6 S Digital Audio Processor

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Audio Accessories are

essential for high performance in a car audio system. An audio processor has adjustments, consequently, providing total control and precision in the application.

The Pro 2.6s audio processor

has DSP, 2 independent inputs and 6 outputs,it has features such as routing, crossover filters, delay adjustment, alignment, phase inversion, adjustable limiter, parametric equalizer on outputs, mirroring, mute, sinusoidal wave generator and memory for settings

Taramps Pro 2.6S

Signal To Noise Ratio






Frequency Response

10Hz to 22KHz

10Hz ~ 20KHz (-3dB)

6Hz to 50KHz

10Hz to 250Hz


Power Suppy Voltage

10 to 16VDC

9 to 16VDC

9 to 16VDC

9 to 16VDC


Number of Channels






Dimensions (WxHxD)

7.79" x 1.42" x 4.44"

7.40" x 2.28" x 5.79"

8.07" x 1.57" x 4.09"

7.67" x 1.65" x 3.14"

2.55" (including fixing tabs) x 1.57" x 2.04" (including knob)
  • Developed with state-of-the-art technology and providing high-performance for automotive sound systems, the PRO 2.6S is a digital audio processor with dedicated DSP.
  • Output mirroring function
  • Individual MUTE Function on the Outputs
  • Output Pairing Function